Elderberry Cordial Recipe

If you're reading this in August then QUICK you may still have chance to harvest those beautiful elderberries and get to work creating this refreshing, delicious drink that all the family can enjoy. If it's before/after then save this - you'll want to make this come elderberry season again!

This drink is so simple to make and, with some care around sterilising and air seals, you can preserve this for months in advance, meaning you can continue to enjoy throughout the Autumn/Winter months too. This also freezes well so place in a zip lock bag flat in the freezer and defrost when you're ready to enjoy!


500g elderberries, removed from the stalks and washed

350g caster sugar

1 lemon 

500ml water


Large saucepan

Wooden spoon

Muslin cloth

Large bowl


First, prep the lemon. Cut in half and juice, keeping to one side. Keep the rind too - you'll need it to boil the elderberries!

In a large saucepan place the elderberries, water and lemon rind. Simmer on a low heat covered with a lid for 30 minutes until the water turns a deep purple and the berries start to fall apart. Once you start to strongly smell it you'll know it's ready.

Over a large bowl place a muslin cloth (I used my child's old one!). Pour the mixture into the centre of the Muslin, then gather the end together and twist, squeezing all the juice out of the berries. Be sure to get as much juice out as possible - the remaining pulp should be dry. 

Discard the pulp (the compost heap will love it!) and pour the juice back into he large saucepan on a low heat. 

Add the sugar and the lemon juice and simmer until all is dissolved.

Leave to cool and then decant into a steriliser container. 



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