Dear diary....Homesteading all the way!

I had a revelation this morning. For a long time Lee and I have been wanting to pack up our stuff, move to the country and create a smallholding on some random piece of land and live sustainably. We have bigger business dreams too (we'd like to employ the vulnerable, create a space for those who don't have ample available to them, and open the land up to community living), and we've always just assumed that we can't do anything until we're out on the farm. Thing is, land is really expensive and all the places that we've seen in our local area that would suit cost between £1 - 3.5 million. Yep, you read that right....MILLION.

Suffice it to say we don't have that kind of money lying around. We'd always presumed that we wouldn't get onto the land until we were in our mid-30's, though have always dreamed of getting there before the kids leave primary education - how cute is a little kid on a tractor?! - so we've not really done much with The Quail Garden (the business name FYI). We've sold a few boxes of eggs here and there, grown a handful of veggies, but anything else we've just put on the back burner, promising ourselves that we'll pick it up, 'when we buy the farm'. Well.... I'm tired of waiting.

Nope, I don't suddenly have my eyes set on a few acres - I'm simply pivoting and changing my perspective on it. Why can't I start now??

There's really no reason why I can't just wake up every morning, pretend I'm already living on the homestead and get on with my day accordingly. Make my own bread, grow my own produce, sew my own broken clothes. My own little city homestead. I don't want to keep putting my dreams off, I want to live them out NOW. 

So here's me stepping up and grabbing my dreams by the proverbial horns. My content is pivoting and I'm going to start documenting this. This was always the goal with Hollie the have a place to share how I homemake, parent, garden, design, bake, organise and grow. How I juggle homelife with business. How we grow our family and make space for others. I can't believe it's taken me 3 years of dreaming to realise that I can just start straight away and live it out now in this moment, but I'm not waiting any longer. My dreams are no longer on homestead here we come.

Until next time...


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