Trentham Monkey Forest Review

Family days out are our thing. We love exploring new places, and Trentham Monkey Forest has been on my to-do list for some time now. Boasting thousands of visitors a year and fun for all the family we had to go and check this place out for ourselves.

Trentham is hugely accessible. With disabled access all round and free car parking, I loved the ease of this adventure. Trentham is a large estate, but the Monkey forest area was well sign posted and easy to find. I loved that I didn't need to pay to park, and that there was plenty of spaces available - and a generous overflow too!

We paid £42 for our family of 6 (2 adults, 7 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old and a 7 month old), which I thought was very reasonable, and upon entering we discovered you could easily spend the whole day there! They have the monkey enclosure itself (about an hour or so walk, but once you've paid to go in once you can continue going in for the rest of the day at your heart's content), two large play areas, walks, hidden trails and large spaces to explore. There is a cafe, coffee shop and small gift shop on site too for those that aren't fond of packing a picnic, but you can also take your own snacks - just no eating around the monkeys please!

My kids loved everything. As you walk around the monkey enclosure the tour guides host feeding sessions and educational talks, so even if the monkeys are hiding you'll be well entertained. There is a disabled friendly route as well as a more hilly one that you can *just about* take a pram up and we found the monkeys were very active on the day that we went. Like all good kids, my children LOVED the play park and honestly it took ages to get them to come off, and there was plenty of seating around the adventure zones so that my husband and I could sit and watch as they explored. 

We would definitely go back. I can't think of anything that was a disappointment for the day - from the operating staff to the price of coffee (we got reusable coffee cups with the Trentham logo on for £2!), we found the whole day thoroughly enjoyable! Highly recommended.

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