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I am in the process of organising a giant (I have 100 people booked in already!) Easter Party for the kids at my church (did I tell you I was a children's worker), but for YEARS I've wanted to do a full blown Easter Party. Here I have collated the activities/games/crafts and general shenanigans we will be planning into one easy blog post - if you're planning an Easter Party this year I hope you find inspiration from this, and please share what you'll be doing too!


Parties aren't really parties without games, and they are a great way to help forge new friendships among party goers too! 

1. April Showers

Pair up and get one team member to place a shower cap on their heads. Cover the shower cap with shaving foam and get the other team member to throw wotsits/cheezies/cheetos onto the shower cap. The winner is the team who gets the most wotsits/cheezies/cheetos to have stuck by the end of the allotted time.

2. Easter egg Hunt

Hide a bunch of Easter eggs (big or small) around the place where you are hosting your party and set the kids off to find them. Make it harder by hiding clues instead and creating a scavenger type hunt.

3. Get to know me quiz

Great for encouraging party goers to get to know new people. Hand each person a sheet and a pen and give them 10 minutes to find someone for every fact listed on their sheet. The winner is the person who does this first/whoever can complete their sheet. I've made templates of the quiz we're doing so drop me a comment and I'll get one sent!

4. Easter quiz

Get the party goers to get into teams and hand each a sheet of paper and a pen. Ask a bunch of questions about Easter (traditions, dates, faith etc) and give the teams some time to answer them. The winners are the team who get the most questions right!

5. Egg and spoon race

Create a race area and line party goers up next to each other. Hand each a spoon and an egg. Party goers must try to get the end of their race track whilst balancing the egg on the spoon - if they drop it they must start again! The winner is the person who gets to the finish line the fastest.

6. Soft or boiled?

This one is messy! Nominate a few party goers to play. Each team member needs to be given a box of eggs (6 will do) and must take turns to smash them against their heads BUT in each carton of eggs is one soft one! Prep your eggs by boiling 5 of the 6 and leaving one 'raw'. The winner is the last person to smash a soft egg on their heads. 


I have compiled a full blog post detailing some of the crafts we are up to this year at our party (and a couple of extra ones too!). Easter baskets, bunny ear hats, cress sheep, palm crosses and easter cards - there are so many crafts that can be utilised at Easter. 

Blog post full of Easter crafts coming soon!


What's a party without food? You can do a buffet or sit down meal, or make use of the below ideas to incorporate snacks whilst utilising activities too!

1. Easter egg prizes

For every game or activity you do, have some easter themed for prizes to hand. Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt, chocolate bunnies, mini eggs etc. Basically anything chocolate!

2. Hot chocolate stall

Make up a big vat of hot chocolate and let party goers go wild decorating with mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream! The more chocolate the better!

3. Snack bar

Not everyone likes chocolate so have a snack bar to hand full of the regular treats! We'll be doing crisps, pick and mix sweets and juice boxes. 

4. Easter nests

Cornflake cakes, easter nests, easter baskets - whatever you call these they always ago down a storm. I have a full recipe here, but make sure to bring decorations too - mini eggs, smarties, marshmallows - anything will do!

5. Easter biscuit decorating

Icing pens, mini marshmallows, chocolate drops and a biscuit are all you need for this one! Get the kids to decorate easter themes onto their biscuit and cover it in edible decorations. If you're feeling really advanced then pre bake biscuits in easter shapes beforehand!


If you're organising an Easter party and want to include the reason for the season (stolen that one from Christmas there - ha!), then here are some simple ways to do so.

1. Thankful tree

Grab a bunch of twigs/sticks/branches (the size needed will depend on how many people you have coming to your party) and secure in a pot. Create paper decorations that can be hung up and written on and get the party goers to write something on their tree hanging that they are thankful for. This tree can be used for all sorts of things - praying for friends, thanking God, gratitudes, general prayers, confessions - so go wild with encouraging party goers to write down something and 'decorate' the tree with it. 

2. Gospel message

Tell the story of Easter. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that can be utilised, you can read the bible story out or you could paraphrase it yourself - perhaps get the party goers to act it out? There are so many ways to tell the story of Jesus on the cross!

3. Pray for a friend

Easter is a time for recognising what Jesus did for us, and many party goers may have friends who don't yet know Him. Is there a space in the party where it would be appropriate to think of those friends and pray for them?

4. Opportunity to become Jesus' friend

As with any gospel message - make sure you leave space for the opportunity for people to accept Jesus as their friend. Make use of pastoral people in your christian circles and the gospel prayer too to help care and explain things to people. 


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