Frida Baby Windi GasPasser Review


It's quickly become my arch nemesis with my newest addition to our family and it seems there is nothing out there that can aid the trapped gas/colic fiasco. I have tried everything from medication to massage techniques and I am yet to find something that fully eradicates the discomfort and provides a sleep filled night for all!

Roll in Windi Gaspasser from Frida Baby. Frida Baby sent me their product to review and I was pleasantly surprised! How can something so small provide so much relief?! 

The Windi arrived in a very innocent looking box. They come in a pack of 10 (I had thought it was one reusable instrument but not so), and are smaller than my middle finger, so fairly unassuming. Instructions tell you to place the small end into the babies bottom and have a nappy ready (I would advise!), and the tool is designed to help relieve gas from your babies' lower end.

This, by far is the weirdest tool I have ever used. Something about inserting something into my babies butt felt odd, and I was not prepared for the air release that happened! Turns out this unassuming instrument actually packs a punch! 

Here's the thing though - although fairly reasonable in price, these tools are disposable and made of plastic and, in a world where we're trying to be mindful of that, it's certainly frustrating. A reusable alternative would be better, or making them out of compostable materials. With today's manufacturing abilities, it wouldn't be hard to find an eco alternative. 

I'm fairly happy with my Windi though. It's nice to have an alternative to relieving gas that isn't just loading my baby up with medicine, or having to spend an hour after each feed tapping and massaging and winding, and I love that they aren't extortionately priced too.

You can check out Windi for yourself here  - don't forget to let me know what you think!

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