Eco Friendly Swaps that Save you Money (Part 2)

With gas companies crumbling and prices for fuels soaring, it couldn't be more prevalent to start thinking about the ways which we can be more environmentally friendly and save a few pennies in the process too! I've gathered another list of eco-friendly ways to save this year, but if you missed part 1 then check it out here. Enjoy!

Switch lights and appliances off

My Grandma stills goes round and switches everything off after she's used it - the TV, the toaster, even the kettle! It's one of those old school frugal things, but over time it saves you a fortune -  and think about all the things that we constantly have plugged in and charging nowadays! Whilst tech has become more energy efficient, it's also become more accessible and we all have countless items in our home that need and use electricity. Turn stuff off at the plug after using it as reassess your electricity bill in a month or so time. I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Pop a water saver in your toilet

If you're on a water meter than this one's for you. Toilet flushes use SO MUCH WATER, but they can do just as good a job with half a cistern full. Instead of spending money upgrading the toilet to one with a dual flush mechanism, simply fill a 2litre bottle will water and pop into the cistern. Voila! Saving the planet AND your pocket.

Switch to tap water

I know, I know, I know, it doesn't taste the same, but switching to tap could save you a fortune. As a regular buyer of sparkling water in glass bottles, I know. Grab yourself a reusable bottle for on the go, fill up from your tap and Bobs your Uncle, you're saving £1 a fill. 

Use flannels

I cannot STAND face wipes. They are terrible for the environment and ultimately don't work in removing your make up anyway. Find me a skincare expert who says otherwise. I also get frustrated at companies hiking up prices for eco-friendly reusable make up pads. Honestly, a flannel with your usual face wash works wonders - and is recommend by Caroline Hirons, skincare Guru herself.

As an added bonus - try using flannels in replacement of baby wipes too. The eco Mummys have a version smothered in essential oils, but you can buy your own for far cheaper from your local supermarket. A wet flannel like your Grandma used to use back in the day is soft, soothing and excellent at cleaning any dirty bottom. 

Wash clothes less often

Shock horror, you don't need to wash your clothes straight after you have worn them. I know - it took me some time to process too. I'm the girl who rewashes socks if they've fallen onto the floor after I've washed them. Appalling. Before you throw your clothes in the hamper have a proper assessment as to whether they need to be run through a cycle and if not, hang them up and rewear. You're saving electricity, water, laundry products, the longevity of your clothes and the planet too. 

Properly fill the dishwasher/sink

I haven't seen a half loaded dishwasher for a long time here (a big family means we're on two full loads a day), but I make sure to really cram stuff into every available piece of space. The less you have to turn your dishwasher on the better really. 

Get organised

It might look like being organised costs a small mortgage, especially in an era where organisation is big business, but ultimately getting organised saves you money. Example? You forget about your cousins birthday so on the way to the birthday event stop into the local supermarket to pick up a gift. You don't have the ability to research properly and so find a decent deal. Because you don't know what you are going to buy you end up having to get wrapping paper and gift bags from the store too, swell as a card, scissors and tape because you forgot to put them in the car. See? It quickly adds up. There will be a whole post dedicated to the world of organisation, but the basic elements are this - get your dates all lined up, have a place for everything to live, know what's coming in and out of your house and prepare in advance.  

What ways have you found to be more eco-friendly in a way that has saved money? What eco-products have you found that cost less than the alternative? Drop them below - I'd love to hear about them!

Until next time...


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