Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Review

I have finally got my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury PillowTalk Lipstick and Eyeshadow Palette. Pillowtalk has long been pronounced "the shade that suits everybody" and I have lusted over the dewy eyes and rosy-pink lips for months as I saved my hard earned pennies for my very own set. CT has an entire range of the PillowTalk brand but alas, my poor pockets could only afford two items (at £25 for a lipstick and £40 for a palette we're not talking cheap products here). 

At first reaction I am incredibly impressed. Packaged beautifully, I am immediately drawn into the rose gold embellishments and the pink tones of the boxes. It look professional, elegant and upmarket and I can't wait to dive in and try. Lipstick was the first thing to be applied and CT didn't disappoint.

I love this lipstick - it's probably going to become my everyday lip product. Not only does it glide on and set without drying my lips out or ending up flaky, but it smells incredible - like vanilla and chocolate and sweets. The actual lipstick bottle is genius too with a handy click feature to ensure the lid stays on so that you avoid the incredibly frustrating 'lipstick all over the inside of your handbag' scenario. It's pinky-rosy-nude tone suits my skin colour to a T and looks great as a nude/neutral to go with any make up look.There's not much to it (there's a good inch less lipstick than other well known brands) and it would be handy to have a colour swatch sticker on the bottom in case you have a few of CT's lipsticks and need to select the right colour quickly, but it feel luxurious and that means I feel luxurious too. A must have for anyone looking for an everyday nude colour.

I wasn't ready for this palette. I've tried many nude palettes in my lifetime but none has given me the dewy/glowy feels like this one. Being pink toned in base really helps pop the cheeks and brings a youthful appearance to your make up look. Each palette has a handy diagram on the back briefly explaining where to put each colour, and EVERY colour works. Say goodbye to having a random section that never gets used - all 4 blend well together, would work well as a stand alone, or can be mixed and matched for your desired effect. Again, this palette smells incredible and the product glues itself to your brush, leaving you with little fallout. Love, love, LOVE.

I absolutely recommend the Charlotte Tilbury PillowTalk collection. It makes for a great neutral make up look that looks fresh, dewy and youthful - perfect for everyday wear, meaning you're going to get the most out of your money! I will personally be swapping out my L'oreal Nudes Palette for this CT one as my everyday make up look, and I'm looking forward to saving up my pennies and investing in the other products in the range!

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