10 Ways to Give Back This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, and for those looking for ways to give a little something back this year I have collated a list of things that can be done to spread some Christmas cheer!


1. Volunteer

There are so many charities out there looking for people to come aboard and help the cause. Whether you have entire days or just a few hours a month to help out, most charities are able to accommodate and find somewhere for you to thrive! 

2. Give

Got an extra £1 to spare this Christmas? Support a good cause! It really is the case that every penny counts and the more people that give little amounts the more is raised as a whole! Don't feel like you have to always cough up £20, the spare change you have in your pocket is just as valuable.

3. Donate

Unwanted gifts? Doing the annual sort out before Christmas arrives? Get those things donated! Charity shops thrive during the Christmas season and more stock is always needed! 

There are also food banks, clothes stores and various other charities who support those with smaller incomes who are always desperately in need of extra supplies. Get in contact with your local shelters and see what they still need!

4. Knock door run!

Remember that childhood game where you would knock on a door and run for your life before they spotted you? It's making a come back but this time - with gifts! Leave a present on their doorstep (could be chocolates, a plant or a homemade cake - whatever you fancy!), knock on the door and RUN! Trust me, the anonymity is what makes this exciting and will bring you all sorts of fuzzy feelings.

5. Share a bake

Christmas is a time for eating and what better to do than share the eats with those around you?! It could be a neighbour, it could be a relative, but drop round with a cake for a cuppa and a catch up and you'll see the glow in their faces! 

6. Retweet, Share and React!

Got a friend starting up a business? Like, follow and share!

Have someone on your Facebook feed trying to raise money for charity? Like, follow and share!

See someone post content that you know they've worked hard on? You guessed it! Like, follow and share!

It's amazing how much impact these simple things have on a person's business/engagement rates and goals - not to mention their mood!

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7. Shop Small

You know it, I know it, we all know it. When you shop small you pay for a daughter's ballet classes, instead of a lightbulb in a billionaire's yacht. Don't hear me wrong, I don't mind big business, but the support we can give to small businesses this year, especially when so many friends and family have set up due to Covid, really matters. It'll cost you more, but it's soooo worth it.

8. Put it in writing

Have a friend who's been a support to you this year? Missing someone? Thankful for a neighbour or family member? Write it down! Put pen to paper and write them a letter full of all the wonderful things you think of them and put it in the post. The joy it will bring!

9. The freebie

One time I was in a coffee shop (I won't name names but they have a stamped loyalty card) and upon purchasing said coffee I realised I had filled my loyalty card and was entitled to my freebie! I turned around and passed the card to the next person. The look of surprise followed by the Cheshire grin on her face made me feel like superwoman and it's something I try to do whenever the opportunity arrives. Pay for the next person's coffee. Send a free drink to a table. Find a way to randomly pay for something for someone and watch the surprise fill their face.  

*what I love about this one is that it sparks the idea in people's minds and you'll often find them doing the same thing later on!

10. Be kind.

This should go without saying but be kind this Christmas. For some, this season is incredibly hard. Be kind with your words, be kind with what you share online, be kind with your expectations of others. Be kind to yourself! This season is supposed to be filled with joy and laughter - take the pressure off and give yourself some well deserved compliments. You're amazing!

Until next time...


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