60 Mental Health Habits

Mental Health is a huge focus for me this lockdown. Last lockdown I struggled, and I am committed to putting things in place this time round to ensure I am challenging myself to not be lax with the importance of caring for myself. 

I have collated a whole heap of healthy mental health habits and listed them below but I have also created TWO downloadable PDFs: a full checklist of 60 mental health habits where you can select which ones to do each day for yourself, and a monthly challenge chart where each exercise is already scheduled in for you. I am personally challenging myself to choose at least one healthy habit a day throughout this month as a way to bring some excitement into each day and keep my mental health up to par. Want to join me?

You can find both PDF's here, and the list is also below

Healthy Habits:

1. Watch some comedy

2. Light your favourite smelly candle/wax burner

3. Pray

4. Drink a herbal tea

5. Give yourself a foot or hand massage

6. Exercise

7. Replace the scents in your home (plug ins/reed diffusers)

8. Bake something

9. Do some drawing

10. Go for a walk

11. Connect with a friend

12. Start a gratitude diary/write your gratitudes

13. Write a letter to someone

14. Clean an area of your home

15. Get a plant/care for your plants

16. Do some pilates

17. Have a bath

18. Practise a new skill

19. Pet an animal

20. Pamper yourself 

21. Change your bedlinen

22. Text a friend

23. Read a book

24. Eat a piece of fruit

25. Eat a vegetable

26. Take an hour long screen detox

27. Deweed an area of the garden

28. Give something away

29. Surprise someone with a. gift

30. Pray for someone random on your Facebook/Instagram feed. BONUS - tell them.

31. Drink a glass of water

32. Compliment someone

33. Facetime someone

34. Play a board game

35. Play a game with a pack of cards

36. Plan and cook a new meal

37. Plan an event

38. Stand outside and breath deeply

39. Look for shapes in the clouds

40. Listen to music

41. Dance in your room

42. Explore a new place

43. Order a meal from a new place

44. Look at the stars

45. Buy something from a small business

46. Get dressed up

47. Put some make-up on

48. Try a new make-up trend/ new shade palette

49. Declutter the people you follow online

50. Try a new hobby

51. Take a nap

52. Make a nice breakfast

53. List the things you love about yourself

54. Reorganise your wardrobe

55. Clean out the junk drawer

56. Watch a childhood movie 

57. Do something crafty

58. Send a card to someone

59. Eat a meal at the table

60. Go to bed early

I hope you find some habits here that you can incorporate into your life over this lockdown  - let me know if you do!

Until next time...


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