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Eco Friendly Swaps that SAVE you money (Part 1)

The eco friendly market is currently sitting at at estimated $150billion dollars, and with companies selling sustainable products at three, four, ten times the price of their single-use versions it's easy to see why! Sustainability, once used primarily by the poor, is profitable business and now favoured among the elite, but with switching to sustainable costing the average household three times more in monthly expenditure, we have the ask ourselves - is this attainable? I've long been a fan of spouting my beliefs that the costs of switching to sustainability should be placed firmly on the shoulders of big business rather than the consumer, and we're starting to see big steps being made (Colgate have released an eco friendly toothbrush at only £1.49!), but the majority of eco friendly alternatives live in the hipster world of small business where costs are high, leaving most choosing to discount themselves from the fight to save our planet. Surely there's a way that eve

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