The Problem With Christian Marriages

 *disclaimer - we’re going to be talking about sex

I’m passionate about sexual health. I volunteer my time with women’s charities, have gone through my own wealth of sexual issues, and now am riding the waves of what sex looks like in a marriage - but what’s sad is that for the majority of women, our sex lives are falling short. 

48% of people in Christian marriages claim to be dissatisfied with their sexual intimacy, and of those, 68% equate that to sexual inhibitions/dysfunction. A shocking 44% of women in Christian marriages have never orgasmed - and let’s not even talk about the statistics of women worldwide. 

It’s uncomfortable to talk about, but it needs changing.

I’m joining with VUSH, a sexual health brand launching a 30 day campaign on self-love - learning to reconnect with your body and prioritise pleasure. In a study on sexual health within the church, only 14% of married couples claimed to own sex toys and only 7% said they engaged in masterbatory acts as a method of foreplay. Their reasoning? A belief that the bible had condemned it. The book, “For Women only” God’s Design for Female Sexuality and Intimacy” says something poignant, “Some churches propagate false guilt about practises the Bible is neutral on; masturbation within the couple’s lovemaking, oral sex, sex with the lights on. False guilt has no basis in biblical fact, perpetuates shame, and damages the marriage for years”.

As a Christian woman I believe sex is meant to be enjoyed. I also believe we need to talk more openly about the problems that arise, and that we need to change the way we speak about intimacy - it’s not something shameful or taboo, and there should be no guilt in seeking to improve your enjoyment of it either! 

So here’s to improving sex lives, and here’s a sneaky discount code for VUSH too! Enjoy yourselves! Use code HOLLIE50 for 50% off the Empress2



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