Easy Chicken Stock Recipe

Making chicken stock is actually super simple - just bung everything into a slow cooker and leave it to simmer - but with the convenience of stock cubes and instant gravy most of us don't bother. Here's a simple chicken stock recipe that can be used with leftover vegetables, chicken carcass and herbs - enjoy!


Chicken bones and skin from 1kg roast chicken

2 carrots

2 stalks of celery

2 onions

1 tbsp dried or fresh thyme

1 tbsp dried or fresh rosemary

3-4 cloves of garlic

salt and pepper to taste

1ltr water


Rough chop all vegetables (large chunks is fine for this!) and add to a slow cooker.

Process the chicken by removing all remaining meat (use for a pie/sandwiches or just to nibble on!) and place chicken carcass into the slow cooker with the vegetables.

Pour 1 litre of cold water into the slow cooker

Stir in the herbs, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste

Turn onto 'low' and cook for 8-12 hours until the vegetables are mushy and the bones come away from any remaining flesh/skin.

Place a sieve over a large bowl and pour the broth through it, allowing the large chunks of items to drain and separate.

Store your chicken stock in a glass jar or freeze in ziplock bags by laying flat to save space. 


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