Morning Skincare Routine | Summer Edition

Summer is here and I've been changing up my skincare routine to accommodate the sun and the potential damage it may bring! We've switched creams to lighter alternatives and invested in SPF - here's what I'm using at the moment.

1. Single cleanse with cloth

I am LOVING the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm. It's so reasonably priced, smells delicious and gets every last scrap of makeup and grime off my face. I apply the balm directly to a dry face, rib in circular motions for a few seconds before removing with a flannel soaked in warmed water. 

2. Mist

Because it's so sunny my skin is drying out quick so Zelens Mist has come out to play! A healing mist that focuses on remedying the face, it's great for dry, sun burnt, cracked or acne prone skin. Quick spritz whilst my face is still damp from cleansing and we're onto the next step.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C keeps your skin bright and adds a really beautiful glow to your face - the goal of any summer skincare right? One pump across the whole face whilst your mist is still soaking in and your face is good to go. I swear by this stuff for allowing me to go make-up free most days. 

4. Eye cream

I'm eye-creaming because the skincare goddess Caroline Hirons told me I should eye cream and I trust everything she says. Look, to be honest I don't notice much of a difference with this step yet (I'm only 29 so crows lines haven't quite arrived yet!), but I enjoy the feeling of smothering this area in a cooling cream and as a tired Mum that's quite nice so I'm going to keep doing it. One pump rubbed between ring fingers and GENTLY dabbed under the eye and above the brow bone. Lovely. 

5. Moisturiser

I'm going light for summer because BOY is my skin creating a lot of it's own moisturiser (read: sweat) at the moment. I dip my finger in banana souffle, spread across my entire palms and then smooth straight into my face. 

6. SPF

A. MUST. I wear every day but over summer we go slightly thicker and become more proactive. 3 finger lines of cream goes on and covers my face, neck and behind the ears and I apply every day without fail. I'm wearing both of these at the moment, but my favourite is the hello farmer water based one. 

Until next time...


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