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Summer is here and with the joy of the sun comes the rise of the festival! Music is taking centre stage this summer and when we got invited to the Derbyshire Sausage and Cider Fest we knew we were in for a treat! 

The event is held at Catton Park across four days with heaps of entertainment aimed at keeping the entire family occupied. Tribute acts of the like of Pink, Guns and Roses, and Pink Floyd take the main stage, with travelling shows such as Brainiac Live performing in the big tent across the field, as well as your regular circus performers, fairground rides and travelling entertainers. There really is something for everyone here!

The cider is a win. With over 15 different flavours to try you are sure to find a drink you'd like but, if cider isn't your bag, there is also a bar serving beer, wines and spirits too. It all works on vouchers so you can buy as little or as many as you'd like. 

I was surprised by the lack of sausage at the event. With it being it's namesake I was imagining more of a show for this product, but the only sausage I could find were two vendors serving hot dogs with various toppings. No sausage eating competitions. No sampling of sausage flavours. No sausage themed events. I'm a bit confused about that to be honest, but it didn't dampen the rest of the day.

Here what you need to know for the event though:

- Take lots of money. Vouchers for drinks translate to roughly £5 a drink so think about how many you are planning to have beforehand.

- The toilets are porta-loos that are generally well stocked and cleaned periodically throughout the day. They are separated into male and female and there is also a section for disabled toilets. 

- The ground is flat but you are situated in a field. If it rains expect mud. Wear wellies.

- There isn't much space to protect you from the rain and the Main Stage is open. It's worth having ponchos or rain Macs to protect you.

- People bring chairs, tables and picnic blankets. Be prepared to set yourself up at the MainStage and create 'camp'.

- There is no allowance for food or drink on site unless you've bought it from vendors. Expect to pay £10 per head per meal and the majority of places only take cash. 

I loved our trip to the event and would for sure choose to camp next year to get the full festival feel! Head to for more information and to book your tickets for next year! Watch our full day at the event on our YouTube here.

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