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It's been a while since I've played online games. As a teen I would be on msngames CONSTANTLY battling alongside my family as we competed to win top spot on games like Text Twist and Collapse, and, as I sign into, the nostalgia hits me again.

I've started utilising gaming as a way to de-stress. I love the innocence of it. You log on, choose a game and mindless playing begins for the next 30 minutes as you wind down, and the best part? You leave it all at the door when you sign out - there's nothing being added to my mental capacity when I play and that's pretty rare these days!

My kids love it too! At a beach arcade this year my 7 year old discovered the game 'Duck Crossing' and fell in love. It's obviously VERY expensive to practise at an arcade, and we only tend to frequent them on holiday, but on there is a similar version called 'Froggie' which she loves. She'll be getting all the wins in next time we're at the beach now!

I'm more of a word girl myself and have been spending (probably too much time) playing games like Word Shift and Word Search. The kids have had great fun helping me try to find the words too - though I have to admit they're not that great at it so I try to just keep them in their own gaming sections with Alphabet Ordering Games!

Gaming has come a long way since my teenage years and gone are the 30 minute wait times for a game to load or the downloading of 52 pop ups before you begin. even has the joy of no adverts so I know I can let my kids play without the fear of them buying a handheld steamer every 30 seconds. 

You can check out and their THOUSANDS of games here - let me know which is your fave!

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