AD | Baker Ross Queen's Platinum Jubilee Themed Hampers

Hand's up who's celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this year?! 

I remember as a kid celebrating the diamond jubilee - we did crafts at school and then the local village hosted a fair full of parades, and crafts, and cake galore! I must have been in primary school when it happened, yet it is still etched in my memory as one of the best events of that time. 

When I think about it, I realise that it had a lot to do with the community feel involved. Everybody got involved - local shops donated prizes for tombolas, schools hosted parades, and every Grandma in the village baked a cake! Our whole family got involved and I loved getting to spend quality time with my siblings and parents as we trekked up the giant hill to the playing grounds where it was all being held. 

Baker Ross sent us a package to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee and it was great getting to pass on that memory to my kids too. We talked about how we were going to celebrate as we decorated the house, and we planned some activities for us to do all together. I know for sure that my kids will remember this year and I want to make it as special as I possibly can. We'll be utilising the themed hampers from Baker Ross this year and filling our home with royal crafts, before heading out to some local celebrations!

You can check them out at their website:

Happy crafting!


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