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If you've not heard of Wild by now then you must have been living under a rock. They've been championing the way for eco-friendly deodorants and it seems like anybody who's anybody is wearing them or working with them. Wild contacted me recently asking if they could send me their product, including their new winter scent line, for me to review and when I say I jumped at the chance, believe me - I hit the ceiling!

I've been dubious of eco-friendly deodorants for a while - it has taken me a long time to find a deodorant that left me smelling fresh after a full day on my feet (Dove cream btw) - and I was nervous to switch incase I wasn't left with the same results, but that being said, everybody is talking about how wonderful Wild is, so I put it to the test...


The stuff is stunning. I was sent the personalised tin in electric blue, but you can choose your own colour schemes and wording if you so desire. The tin itself feels sturdy and robust, and I love that it doesn't scratch easily or mark. It gives off a matte shine which feels more sophisticated that if the thing had been caked in glitter or been mirror-like, and all in all I would be happy to have this sat on my vanity cabinet.


I think I am in love with this deodorant. I was sent toffee apple to try and, whilst the scent is slightly too sweet for my liking, I could smell it throughout the day whenever I moved my arms. I was left with no stickiness after applying and there is no drying time either so you can swipe and go fairly easily! As a deodoriser, I would say it worked! I was able to go a full day without needing to reapply and without noticing any odour - some days we walked 4 hours and I still didn't notice a scent! 

The creamy texture feels lovely on the skin, and although there was some mess involved (occasionally the application clumps slightly leaving patches of the product in the underarms), it didn't put me off reusing each day.

Price Point:

Wild is pricey. If you're used to spending £2 on a can that lasts a month then this is quite a jump for you, especially in your first month when you need to buy a tin. Personalisation costs an extra £5, but you save money through a regular subscription rather than a one off purchase. 

For me, my usual deodorant costs £6 (I bulk buy from Costco though and get 3 for £8), but I am aware that if we want to save the planet there tends to be an added cost involved. Each refill lasted just over a month for me, so I know that once I roll onto a regular subscription (roughly £5 per refill), I won't be paying too much more than my usual deodorant - a worthy switch.

All in all I am convinced. I love the ease of Wild - it's simple to use, simple to buy and simple to change your preferences online. I will be continuing my subscription and joining the community of people changing the planet through their deodorant!

If you fancy making the switch or want to give Wild a try for yourself then use my code!

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