My New Years Resolution

Ahh, the beginning of a new year.


We're into a new DECADE here! Can you believe it! These past 10 years have been pretty crazy for me - some serious life advances (married with 3 kids, say whaaat?!) and some huge life lessons learnt (don't worry, I know I'm still in my 20's so have a LOT to learn yet!), it's all feeling very inspirational and exciting so I'm gonna go wild and fill you all in on my resolutions for this year.

Normally every year weight loss is written down. Then the inevitable happens and I get pregnant, gain 4 stone and the weight never comes off. I'm not planning on getting pregnant this year (I know, shock horror!) so I don't really have an excuse, but I'm not putting it down. Any weightloss that happens will be unintentional and natural and I'm excited to see whether not thinking about it actually causes it to happen - wouldn't that just be a giant kick in the teeth.

This year I'm adding something to my repertoire and it's very exciting because it's building on our BIG DREAM. This year I'm going to learn how to preserve fruits, vegetables and meat. I'm learning how to bake bread, make pastry, store produce and create beautiful cakes and sweets. I want to work up to being able to say I make most of what we eat FROM SCRATCH and I'm incredibly excited to see how much hard work its going to be. I am building myself up to living the farmer's wife life because we've started making some serious plans for BUYING THE LAND.

Lee and I are calling it our YEAR OF GRAFT. It's our year to start crossing all of the T's and dotting all of the I's so that in 2021 we're ready to buy. It's gonna be big. It's also going to be serious hard work and a HUUUUGE challenge, cause so far we're 3 paces behind in our plans with some serious mountains in our way. This year is all about laying the foundations for farm life. We'll be learning, researching, practising, as well as making serious adjustments to our day-to-day life in order to earn more, save more and become more self-sufficient. If you're somebody who loves an inspirational story then you want to be following along on this because this family right here are going to be going from 0-100 in just one year.

I'm going to be documenting the whole thing. I cannot wait to show you how we're managing it all in the daily routines. This year we'll be reducing our expenditures, investing to gain savings, creating multiple income streams, learning new skills, creating better organisational systems, and basically just streamlining everything to be focussed towards the goal of BUILDING THE FARM.

Why am I sharing this? Doesn't it seem silly to be so 'out there' with a dream so huge? Absolutely it does. And that's exactly why I need to share it. We're not joking here. We HAVE to do this. April 2021 is the date we've placed on ourselves to get on the land. We wanna be out of our home and making the big leap to build our farm. This is our vision guys, and I want you with us.

We need you supporting us when it feels far too hard to say 'no' to yet another thing for the sake of saving more money. We need you to be standing with us when Lee and I are up to our ears with each other and wanting out. We need you praying and encouraging and stirring us on when we cry that it's too difficult to chase the dream that God's placed on our hearts. We've been really clear about wanting this for so long, but it's only now that we've placed a date on this and declared it time to seriously work towards it. No more flouncing about talking about an idea. Time to put this dream into a plan.

So 2020 won't be 'our year'. It won't be the year that we 'make it'. This is our year of graft. Our year of perseverance. The year that we will trudge through, as hard as it gets, to make it through the other side, into 2021 and onto our own land. Will you join us?


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