MomRant Monday - Summer Holidays

I'm so done. My house is a a sh*t tip, I haven't washed in almost 3 days and I'm ready to kill anyone who comes in a 10 metre radius of my personal space. I do this every year - setting myself up for disappointment, realising that the plan of 6 weeks of 'fun Mom' is just a pipe dream that has boiled down to 'scream after 10 minutes of waking because someone has let a chicken in the house AGAIN and it's pooped in the conservatory Mom'. I'm drowning under endless loads of washing, plastering a smile on my face and pretending it's okay whilst I play reruns of paw patrol for my kids in a bid to get an hour of not being climbed on or not have demands for snack hurled at me.

Lee and I are arguing, not because there are actual issues, but because we're tired of being on top of each other (not in the literal sense) and it's just too damn HOT to do anything, meaning that that endless list of jobs that really need doing in order to get this house back in any kind of state of repair is forever growing and being ignored. Seriously, my main bathroom smells like a sewer cause the heat has caused the nappy bin to release its aroma and both of us know it needs a bleach soak but also sitting outside with our feet in a bucket of cold water is about all we can manage right now.

I'm also bored.

"WHAT?! With all those jobs?!" I hear you ask.

Yup. I miss my routine. We're a busy family and 6 weeks of fending for ourselves trying to create activities and arrange to meet up with people is driving me nuts. I need my community group lunches and my Monday playgroups. I need (I can't believe I'm even saying this) my school runs and pick ups. I need a bit more STRUCTURE to 6 weeks of floating about trying to decide what we're going to do today.

I think this summer I've realised I need to become one of THOSE MOMS. A Mom with a PLAN. You know the kind, they've got a weekly rota written down with organised activities with where they're going and when, they've pre planned family time, sleepovers and couple dates and have organised plans A, B and C in case of sun, rain or a sudden hurricane. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are all written down on the menu board and handed out at the allotted time (and include plenty of homemade granola bars and 15 of your 5-a-day). In short, they're organised and PREPARED.

It's not that I don't want to be that kind of Mom - who doesn't?! - it's just that it takes a whole heap of discipline to prepare for a summer like that and quite frankly I'm not sure I have the stamina or the energy. I'm also pretty lazy so that makes it kinda difficult too. I think it's a must though cause I can't handle another summer like this. I would just like to get through an hour of the day without thinking, "When does school start again?".

To be able to enjoy the moment would be a pretty good win.


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