The Climate Change Hoax

Climate change is everywhere at the moment. It's a conversation on everyone's lips and between Greta Thunberg and The Extinction Rebellion it's a subject that's hard to avoid. I'm seeing a range of debate on it but what's really getting on my goat is this stream of debate that wants to write it all off as a hoax "in order for political reform" and so pay no heed to any of the issues currently facing our generation and the generations to come. 

Look, I don't care whether you believe in global warming or not. I care whether you're taking care of the planet as you use it. I don't care whether you think it's 'just sun rotations' or green house gases, I care that you think about what you're putting into the environment and how it's damaging those around you. 

Photo Credit: Missouri Department of Conservation
Regardless of your beliefs in 'the big issues', it's still important to face the facts - animals are choking on plastic that's littering their environments, we're destroying whole species through our constant need to 'use more' and our lands are filled with substances that will take hundreds of years to decay, if they ever do. There is a call to be better, not even just for the animals (because some people really believe that we shouldn't be putting their needs on any sort of pecking order), but for our children, and their children to come. 

As individuals we need to look to see what we can do. Any small change is good change - whether we decide to go completely plastic free as a household or just switch to reusable straws. The more little is done as a collective, the more greater good is achieved. As a community, as a nation, work needs to be done to encourage business and government to do the same. To think about our consumer generation and be more mindful of the planet, rather than disregarding the entire thing as we have been doing for a long time. 

Photo Credit: John Cancalosi
I keep seeing (on facebook, so I should know better really), people posting about how 'it's all scaremongering' and to you I simply say, grow up. It's views like that, that never see change and reform happen. It's small mindedness towards anything 'new' that causes us to be stagnant. If you don't believe in the scientific evidence pointing towards climate change, then fine, but don't tell me you don't believe in the plastic problem when there are turtles with straws rammed through their noses and birds strangled by plastic bags. 

It's time we started caring a little more about the impact we have on others outside the four walls of our own home. We don't need to do it all, but we need to do something. 


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