It's all about to change...

Things have been a little quiet over here. This month has been crazy - 3 family birthdays (including my own - whoop!), our family business setting up, a new job for Lee on the horizon and the beginning of a very exciting secret journey. March has been a whirlwind and I've loved every second, but it's meant I've had to take a step back from this whilst I get my head back into the routine of writing and creating content again.

Truth is, I've purposely made myself busy. In a few short weeks Lee will be on weird shifts and I'll be picking up his jobs. Which means I'll actually start having to do stuff again. I've got so used to the 4pm end of responsibility when Lee walks home that I'm a little panicky about doing it all again. Lee's just normally there.

It's not that I can't do it. I've done it on my own before. But I've never HAD to do it on my own before. I've never had to think "if I don't do it nobody will". I've never been faced with having to do it on my own for days or weeks at a time. It's going to be a big change. Part of me is excited. I'm going to get loads of time on my own to do my own thing - I can watch my preferred TV programmes, I can get the house cleaned without Lee leaving his shoes everywhere (come on Lee we all know that's true), I can get back on the piano uninterrupted and I'll have loads of time to get my writing and videoing done. My evenings will be bliss.

It's the witching hour that I'm worried about. At 4pm all hell breaks loose in this house and Lee and I find ourselves casting demons left, right and centre out of three children screeching for food, toys and to be allowed to smack each other with sticks all in the name of 'fun'. It's chaos, absolute chaos, and we only manage not to kill anyone by working together to tag team the craziness. 'Team work makes the dream work' is our family slogan and now, for the majority of the time, that team will be me. Just me. On my own with 3 little bundles of pent up energy.

Send help.

And so, for the past month Lee and I have been relishing our time together and also our time alone. I've gone out as much as I can, because soon I won't be able to do that as much. We'll get three weeks together sporadically throughout the year, and overall it works out that he'll have more time off than he currently does now, but the shift pattern means that his days on he'll be out of action either working or sleeping (or maybe a mixture of both!). It's a new unknown chapter for this family!

I'm finally feeling ready for the change. I'm excited to see what our family dynamic will look like and I'm excited to see if I'm going to be able to keep three kids alive on my own (!).

Bring on the madness!


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