Why You Should Be Watching The World Cup....Even If You Don't Watch Football...

Photo Credit: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/fifa-world-cup-2018-when-it-starts-how-to-watch-schedule-june-july/

Did you see the game last night? It was like the end game in a football movie. Everything weighed on the last second, on the last penalty and it ended with celebration, happy tears and an England squad all-pile-on. I myself, mid-breast feeding, had squealed in delight, causing my 5 day old to detach in alarm therefore receiving a milk squirt straight in the face. It was comical really.

I don't normally watch the football. My husband isn't really into it and I wasn't brought up watching any games other than world cup matches so I've found it fairly easy to avoid. However, last night, upon my husband heading to the allotment and, figuring it would make good tweeting material, I'd tuned in.

I loved it.

It was so tense! The arguments, the yellow cards, the close calls! I was hooked from the word go and thoroughly enjoyed every second. I had friends watching too and we were whatsapping each other anytime any drama happened. Even though I was technically watching alone, I felt like I was watching with the world. I felt the community.

And that was my favourite part. Have you scrolled through facebook when the world cup is on? It feels like no-one is talking about anything else. Feeds are awash with debates and celebrations and discussions. Everyone is chiming in. The likes are aplenty and I'm sure (though I don't have a statistic) that the heart reaction is used in abundance! The world cup fuels community and, in a social climate where it feels like individualism is killing family, it couldn't be more needed.

I suddenly have a reason to start a conversation with someone. I have a connection with my neighbours, even if we're supporting different teams. It's an opportunity to begin relationships. Is there anything more beautiful than when people come together to spend time together? Is there anything more beautiful than community?

That's why you should be watching the world cup this year. It's not about liking football. I probably won't continue to watch after the world cup has ended. It's about something greater. It's about being part of something. It's about community not isolation. It's about being able to step out of loneliness and begin new friendships. It's about standing with your country under common ground, putting down all the differences that normally divide us. It's a sense of pride and shared disappointment.

It's family.


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