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How to encourage Fussy Eaters to Eat

There's not much more frustrating than a child who doesn't want to eat a meal we've lovingly prepared. With three children all close in age I've been hit with many a meal time where the meal I've produced has been poked and prodded and eventually left on the plate (or the floor as is more often the case), but three children who have all gone through a fussy stage has also given me a heap of handy tips to help in that season - and I now have three children exited to try new things, who eat most of what is put in front of them and who genuinely enjoy meal times. Quick disclaimer: this is by no means a quick fix, nor is it aimed at children with food aversions/additional needs - every child is different so keep reading, keeping researching and keep holding on in there - you're doing great! 1. Eat together Children love to copy so prioritising eating together (and I mean around a table) really helps in encouraging children to eat the food set out. Research shows tha

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