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Finding Time With God

Gone are the days of an hour long quiet time first thing in the morning. My day begins with a child climbing into bed with me demanding food, drinks and play and it ends with me crawling back into bed shattered after hours upon hours of tidying, working, feeding, playing, creating, sorting, get the picture. It's no wonder most Mums feel burnt out!  With my to-do list stacking up to heights the Eiffel Tower couldn't rival with, there leaves little time for precious moments spent alone with God, and the more children I've had, the less time I have for elongated sessions dedicated to my relationship with Him. It hasn't gone away though, it's merely changed to correspond with the season that I am in and guess what, it's just as good and just as fruitful as the times I used to have spending hours in His presence. Mothers, God knows us. He knows the stage of life that we are in. He sees the struggle of juggling plates, of prioritising time and of

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